Called Brad last Friday. Monday one of his team was out to our house to check our pool. The last pool company we called had told us we needed to replace our salt system which would have cost $300 plus. The problem wasn’t the system it just wasn’t getting enough salt. Thanks to Brad and his team for the honest answer. I will call ASP first next time. Thanks so much!!! — I. P.

When we moved to Montgomery in Oct 2015 our new home had a pool and hot tub. We knew we were going to have a new experience with these “perks”. Thankfully a random mail publication arrived in the mail box for ASP Pool. I held onto it for months and finally made the “desperate new pool owner” phone call. Speaking with Brad Cole the owner provided initial comfort. Little did I know a year and half later we would have the same awesome customer service on each phone call. Brad and his service tech Joe have made living with a pool and hot tub worth it. It’s not just the business it’s the attitude of caring that provides comfort each time we need a basic question answered. We recently decide to purchase an aqua vac and Brad made a personal visit on the delivery day. If every business practiced the same level of customer service ASP POOLS and BRAD COLE, we would see less vacant establishments. A simple phone call is not what makes them great it’s the genuine attitude they possess while going above and beyond to make people happy so they can enjoy the luxury of having a pool. Brad and his Team are Awesome!!! — M. W.

I thought my sewer pit of a pool could not be recovered. Brad and Eric did an outstanding job getting it swimmable in 2 weeks. I thought it would take 3 or 4 but it is clear and clean. They are professional and will answer any questions, This is the only company I trust to get my pool perfect and keep it that way and they are worth every dime. — M. M.

ASP is a professional pool service that we have used for over a year. They have kept our pool clean and clear. They are always eager to help solve any problem that you may have. I highly recommend them for all pool needs! Thanks for a job well done! — D. D.

I recently purchased an apartment complex in Montgomery and the pool had been down for probably 10 years. IT WAS 10 MILES OF BAD ROAD! Brad and his team put together an aggressive plan to rehab it and the baby pool. Last week they finished and the process has been seamless. I am an owner based in Florida and Brad kept in communication with me daily. He sent daily updates with BEFORE & AFTER pics. It meant so much to me and gave me significant peace of mind throughout the process. I couldn’t be happier with the final result – a true professional. — M. H. K.

Brad (owner) and Eric with Montgomery ASP have provided our weekly pool service for over a year and had made repairs occasionally prior to that. Recently, the pool needed a much needed super clean-up. This is a plaster pool in a rural setting so plant staining is fairly common over time. Both agreed their initial results from a “hot bath” were not good enough to meet their professional standards. They repeated the process and ultimately did a third step for good measure, of course at no additional cost to us. On top of everything else, Brad and Eric promised to have the pool ready for my annual Mother’s Day spring pool party. This company is one of the most ethical we have dealt with. The pool looks like new, the party was a big success,and we couldn’t be happier with the final results. — N. P.

We recently purchased a house with an in-ground pool that needed a new liner and the filtration system reworked. ASP in Montgomery, AL did a stand up job and put customer satisfaction first. The work was done when they said it would be and the quality was superb. When doing business with a company the most important thing trust. The honesty and integrity that we experienced with ASP in Montgomery will keep us going back for all our pool needs. Job well done. — N. Y.

Several months ago I purchased a home with a pool. I initially used a different pool business for the pre-purchase inspection and the first few months of maintenance. Unfortunately, that decision turned into a catastrophic mistake. I was spending a lot more money and problems arose that had I been using ASP I’m confident would not have occurred. A couple of months after moving in, I starting looking for a new pool company to use and I found ASP. Brad and Erik were extremely responsive. They gave me a fair price for weekly pool maintenance. When we found significant problems with the pool, they worked with me to figure out the best solutions. I have nothing but great things to say about them and will recommend them to anyone I know who needs pool work/maintenance. — K. A.

We finally found ASP and were glad we did. We now live out of town and rely on ASP to take care of all of our pool needs. I can call or text Brad with any concerns and he takes care of it promptly. Brad is quick to call me if he feels the pool equipment needs maintenance. Brad, Eric and the rest of the team work hard to keep our pool looking good for potential buyers. I know that I can trust them with our pool. In addition, Brad and Eric work with us to keep our costs down. — M. J.

I am so greatly satisfied with Mr. Brad and ASP Pool Maintenance. Mr. Brad did an amazing job and is so respectful. I would highly recommend Mr. Brad and ASP Pool Maintenance to anyone!! — P. T.

Very pleased with the cleaning and maintenance services we have received from ASP. We have tried multiple pool companies in the Prattville/Montgomery area and they far exceed the competition. We would recommend ASP to everyone. — M. W.

I’ve used ASP and Brad in particular for the past two years for my pool maintenance. He and his employees have always been amazingly responsive, replacing pumps and repacking the sand filter and helping get rid of algae when some sneaked in. This summer I needed a new liner. I can’t believe how quickly they made it happen. I had to run an errand, was gone an hour, and basically the new one was installed. At all times the service has been professional and dependable. I highly recommend Brad and his team. You won’t be disappointed! — K. C.

Brad and his team were amazing! Not only were their prices very affordable, but their work cannot be beat! They got my nasty pool clean and ready to be the summer heat. I HIGHLY recommend Brad and his team at America’s Swimming Pool Company! — N. W.

You won’t receive better service from any other company. Brad is his team are the best there are. Brad came out to give me an estimate and diagnose an issue that I had with my Hotel swimming pool, and to my surprise he was nearly a thousand dollars lower in price than a competitors bid. Now, this isn’t because Brad was trying to take the cheap way out, but rather Brad has taken the time to look through my existing set up, and rather than tell me that I needed to replace everything, he made my problem go away by just replacing one part. My pool now runs property, and has passed inspection because of Brad and his team. I highly recommend Brad to anyone who has pool issues. His honesty and integrity are second to none. Thank you ASP for the fantastic work you did! — A. D.

Amazing Service its February and they are here replacing my liner!! The owner Brad is honest and cares about his customers!! He made all efforts to avoid extra cost while do this job and in todays economy this is a must!! I addition to installing the liner they have cleaned every aspect of the pool which gives the new liner an amazing look!! Clean steps, clean diving board and all clean up being done with out me needing to get involved or help! AMAZING!! — K. V.

What a pleasant surprise!! I have a 12,000 gallon KOI pond that is 4 ft. deep and has 2 large bottom drains and a skimmer that feed a filter system much like that of a swimming pool except the media in the filter is plastic beads instead of sand. It pumps 9,000 gallons of water through the system an hour and runs 24 hours a day. The water after passing through the filter returns over a waterfall back into the pond. There are 2 large river birch trees that overhang the pond and the shed a lot of leaves and small twigs into the pond. Over time I had an accumulation on the bottom of the pond and the drain pipes running under the pond had stopped up and after a routine backwash of the pond the pump lost its prime and I was unable to restart it. I got the bright idea that since it was similar to a swimming pool to call a swimming pool maintenance company for help. I looked on the internet and found and called ASP. Brad answered the phone and when I described my problem he said he could help and he could come 2 days later. When I explained that I had 60 large KOI fish that required the water flow to keep the water oxygenated he said he was leaving for an appointment and would come as soon as he finished. He worked on my problem the rest of the day and returned the next morning and got everything working great. He also altered the plumbing to give me the ability to blow out trash in the drain line. He found a problem with the multiport valve which we decided needed replacing and added a shut off valve on the waste line to solve the problem until I could get a replacement. He was great to work with and communicated his findings and suggestions well and his pricing was very reasonable. I plan to use his service on a regular basis. — C. J.

I moved into a new home with a pool that needed attention and I called ASP. They were quick to respond, attentive to my needs, and even though I knew little about how to take care of my pool, they took the time to clearly explain what was needed and brought me up to speed on how to keep it beautiful and clean. They also brought my pool back from the dead- it is beautiful now! The price was more than fair for all they did. I will definitely use them again. — T. W.

We had a pool leak for over 1 year. I had dealt with the company in Montgomery that put my pool in. They came out, looked it over and stated that we needed to get a new liner since it was over 10 years old. Their “theory” did not make sense to me because it would leak only some of the time. I refused to spend the $2700 on the new liner and dealt with the “sometime leak”. We finally decided to give Brad Cole a call at ASP, and he quickly was able to determine the problem. It was a very simple fix that saved us a lot of money. I appreciate his time, honesty and helpfulness. He asked questions and gave us great advice not only with our leak problem, but with maintenance tips that will help us maintain our pool better. My only regret is not calling him sooner. It is nice to know that there are still good business people out there. — N. P.

My wife and I just bought our first house. Luckily it came with a fantastic pool. The first thing we knew we wanted to do was get it converted to salt water. Feels so much better on your skin while swimming. I called several other pool companies around Montgomery, and they either tried to talk me out of getting a saltwater solution (to sell me chemicals) or they seemed way to busy to even be talking to me on the phone. Brad was awesome, and told me all about saltwater solutions and pool upkeep. He came and checked out our pool and installed the system the very next day. I’m so glad we decided to go with ASP! Brad is now just a phonecall or a text away, and is a true professional. If you have any pool needs at all, don’t be hesitant to give ASP of Montgomery a call! — C. H.

Brad Cole is the man that handles all of my pool needs. He is a friendly guy with great integrity that can handle any pool task that you want him to. He replaced my liner and is now servicing my pool all year long. He has answered all of my questions patiently and quickly. It is so great to be able to call or text Brad about any pool concerns because he always responds the same day and frequently responds within the hour. We live in Elmore County and many pool companies would not service our pool because we were too far from Montgomery. ASP are clean cut business professionals with business cards, contracts, web sites, golf shirts, new equipment, and official vehicles. It is so nice to do business with this company and Brad in particular. If you are tired of the work that goes with owning a pool and want to have a true professional handle it for you, Brad at ASP is the man for the job. — Z. J.

I called 2 other companies in the area and was told they were full or wouldn’t come to Tallassee because too far. I was referred to a guy named Brad with ASP. I called, and from very beginning, he was very helpful and let me know he could help me. He goes above the expected service by returning phone calls quickly or making that return trip the following day for something that could have waited. The service and work have been great. I have already shared with a couple of friends with pools of this service if needed. The big thing is his service is saving me money compared to what I was spending in trying to get pool back and chemicals that were breaking me. I would highly recommend ASP and Brad Cole. — C. P.

Very pleased with the cleaning and maintenance services we have received from ASP. Brad Cole is a great people person and is committed to make the client happy. We have tried multiple pool companies in Montgomery, AL and they far exceed the competition. — J. W.

I highly recommend ASP. Brad was terrific. We needed a pool pump and liner replaced and we’re out-of-towners (property is in Montgomery). Brad coordinated everything. Getting information and pictures was very important to us not being about to see what was going on. Brad was very helpful and took care of everything. We were quick to build trust based on his great attitude and responsiveness. I’d recommend their service to everyone! — D. M.

I was in the process of purchasing a house which needed a number of costly renovations that just so happened to include the pool. Well, pool might be a bit of stretch to describe what in fact appeared to be in the process of becoming a protected wetland. The pool, like the house, was in a state that was the result of years upon years of deferred maintenance. I called several companies with ASP being among the first. And before I continue, let me say that many of these companies won’t even call you back, answer their phones or come out for visits like they say so ASP is ahead of the curve just for that reason alone. Brad was exceptionally busy with it being the beginning of the pool season, which he told me right off, and that he would try to get over to the house to inspect the pool. The price I was told it might take to get the pool in a usable state took my breath away! But I wasn’t too surprised by it. He stated several times that it could be a little more or much less depending on what was found beneath the cover and behind walls. He was sure to prepare me for the worst. However, after that initial few calls and the visit, I didn’t hear back from them. This wasn’t a major problem because there was roofing and foundation issues to tend to before swimming could even be considered. Why would you need a backyard water feature when the roof itself was becoming one all by itself? Being that I needed someone to get out to do it fairly quickly once it came time address it, I called another company and they gave me a lower quote and could get started fairly quickly. Well, that went bust because we required a contractor with insurance, just in case of a problem. This guy didn’t have it and didn’t tell us until AFTER he was supposed to show up to do the job. I called and then he lets me know all that. ABSOLUTELY UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR that seems to be the hallmark of many service businesses like that these days. I was ready to just put the pool stuff off for a while until I could find someone trustworthy until Brad calls out-of-the-blue! Just in time!! I was glad because, honestly, I really wanted to work with them from the start due to the good reviews on Google. Not only have they performed all the work needed so far, they did it for WELL under what they told me initially. It seems they prefer to brace you for the worst rather than underestimate costs just to get the job. We have a few more issues to address with the pool, again from the previous owners, that I’m sure Brad will help us iron out. These people have been tremendous and I can’t say enough good things about them. They do what they say they’re going to do, are available anytime just about and HONEST. I will only call ASP for any of my pool needs. Save yourself some frustration, money and anxiety–CALL ANGIE AND BRAD AT ASP!!!!!! Love them!!!! — F. Y.


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